Dear Jeff and Kim,
I can't thank you both enough for all your help!! You have given me back so much quality of life! I attended a Birthday party on Friday night and even with a band playing in the back round and several people talking over it, I could be a part of a conversation and actually hear what was being said!! Restaurants too are now tolerable! And yesterday working with the horses I could lead two and not have to keep looking over my shoulder to see what was going on, I could hear it!! Thank you for taking the time, for caring about me and for showing me around your most beautiful ranch. You guys are such wonderful people! I'm truly blessed to know you! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Happy trails... Absolutely!! :-)

Barb (Lost hearing in her left ear after a traumatic head injury from a horse accident.)

I am REAAAAALY enjoying this thing! And so is my wife! It has indeed added a lot to our life styles. Tonight we had the acid test: We attended our monthly Bridge get-together up at the club. Everyone wanted to check it out and were very impressed about how invisible it was; no one, I mean NO ONE, has yet noticed that I’m wearing it! Honestly, after experiencing the change in my life since you stuck this thing in my ear, I would wear most anything to get what you’ve given my life. I owe you more than I can ever repay. Forever-grateful!

K. Pommier

I've been a very happy returning customer to Hearing Consultants of California for 10 years. Kim and Tate are auditory techno-savvy experts. I love my hearing aid products and the "can-do" attitude from these folks. I cannot be the prolific and empathetic professional that I am, if not for their expertise. Their constantly updated product knowledge, accessibility, and superb customer service is in a league of it's own. Give yourself permission to be as active and engaging as possible. You will not be disappointed as properly fitted hearing aids are SO life-affirming. Rock On (but not too loudly).

Kelly Bartlett

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the service you provided to our client. I received an email from her yesterday and she said she just cried for joy. She absolutely LOVES her new hearing aids. During her evaluation, she mentioned that she felt listed to and felt empowered.

It is so nice when our clients have such a positive experience with a medical provider. She is now able to maintain her current employment without fear of being fired for not hearing. Her supervisor is now training her on more duties. She will be getting more hours and pay. Your office has played a part in that vocational success and I thank you.

Linda Benchman, MA/ QRP